Amazon Seller Suspensions: Inauthentic Case Study

CJ talks about a specific case study where a seller made some mistakes before hiring us and if he had called us right away, we probably would have gotten him back much faster and easier.

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What we do is we help sellers with their suspensions every day of the week, multiple times a day. We help with full account suspensions and listing suspensions.

One of the largest causes of suspensions is when Amazon claims “inauthentic”.

Inauthentic Suspensions: Amazon Wants to See the Source of Your Goods

Amazon wants to see where you are sourcing your products from.

Plans of Action:
1. Identify issue after self-evaluation
2. Immediate corrective action
3. Systemic changes to your business

Amazon Seller Suspensions: Inauthentic Case Study – Online Arbitrage.

In this video, CJ talks about a specific case study where a seller made some mistakes before hiring us and if he had called us right away, we probably would have gotten him back much faster and easier.

The Amazon seller’s entire account was first suspended under inauthentic allegations. The seller was doing online arbitrage and was hesitant to send in the invoices and receipts that he had from purchasing products online to then sell online because that is against Amazon’s policies.

Amazon is aware that this goes on every day. Instead of submitting his receipts and the real documents, what he did was create his own, and he submitted forged or manipulated documents that were simply fake documents that he created instead of submitting the genuine receipts because he was very fearful.

Amazon’s staff found and realized the documents were not genuine and now he is suspended for forged or manipulated documents. Fortunately, this seller is a significant enough seller, doing enough money every month, that we were very confident that we could get him back on.

What we did was, we wrote a Plan of Action, including how he was going to revamp the business, the record keeping of the invoices and receipts that he has. We identified the specific staff member who was responsible; who made the mistake and submitted a fake document, which really just appeared to be an internal record of their purchases. It turned out to be just the submission of fake documents and we are very confident that we can get this seller back online.

From this case, there are 2 takeaways if you are an online seller doing online arbitrage or any sales on Amazon where you receive an inauthentic suspension or an inauthentic loss of a particular ASIN:

1. DO NOT submit fake or altered documents.
Don’t alter the documents with Photoshop or create your own spreadsheets. You are always better off going with the genuine documents. DO NOT submit changed receipts.

2. Concise & Persuasive POA.

When writing a Plan of Action, you have to hit the issues concisely and persuasively. All a Plan of Action is, is an exercise in persuasive writing.

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