We had a client who hired us after receiving a counterfeit complaint from the brand LEGO.

He tried to reach out to LEGO multiple times, but they never responded. He also tried to appeal the complaint on his own and Amazon was requesting more information.

AMAZON SELLERS LAWYER SUCCESS: After hiring our lawyers at Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, we contacted LEGO and actually received a retraction on his behalf. This is not uncommon; oftentimes, brands will not respond to an individual, but will respond to a law firm.

Amazon Seller Suspended from LEGO IP Complaint – Reinstated With Our Help

We them sent an appeal to the Amazon Notice-Dispute team, who was requesting more information. We sent them copies of the invoices, which as it turns out, were directly from Amazon.

When you buy from Amazon, it can either be from a third party seller or Amazon is the vendor itself, which is what our client had. When we pointed out that Amazon wouldn’t be selling counterfeit items, they reinstated our client’s account right away. The LEGO IP complaint was removed.

Sometimes it works to be a little more firm as a writer, but you can’t go overboard and disrespect Amazon. You need to find a middle ground to state your case.

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