Seller of Collectibles & Toys Suspended from Inauthentic Complaint

Reinstated with Plan of Action and Invoices

We had a seller of collectibles and toys who was suspended for inauthentic complaints from Amazon customers.

The complaints were baseless because the seller (our client) sourced largely from manufacturers or authorized distributors. They had invoices to show that they had done their due diligence and only dealt with reputable sources. Our client was a family owned and operated Amazon based business; being suspended meant that their profits could be withheld by Amazon.

One of their small issues was that they sent their products from the supplier directly to FBA, which means that they were not entirely sure of the condition in which the products were arriving at FBA. This is something that Amazon expects you to take accountability for. Our client could not necessarily speak of the condition of the products with certainty because Amazon could see on the invoices where things were shipped; all invoices have a Billing portion and a Shipping portion. Amazon could see that the products were going straight to an FBA center.

The more systematic epidemic issue was that they were opted into commingling and repackaging via FBA. We always suggest Amazon sellers to opt out of repackaging; do not trust Amazon’s warehouse staff or other sellers regarding product quality.

Amazon Lawyer Suggestion: Test buy your products regularly.

There is a report that you can get from Amazon that shows products that were sent back to be repackaged and it will state ‘nothing necessarily wrong with this; put back into inventory and sent back out again’. For consumers purchasing collectible toys, the products need to be in pristine condition, or they are unacceptable.

With the report, our client was able to show Amazon their mistake; they were not aware of commingling and repackaging; most sellers aren’t. Our client opted out of the program and got their account back up by saying that they were going to take responsibility for their account. All inventory would come to them first, they would do their own due diligence and take responsibility for their products.

Amazon was happy and our clients account went back up with the first Plan of Action.

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