Amazon Sellers Facing External Problems With Distributors, Suppliers & Manufacturers

Hi everyone. My name is David Miller. I manage our Business Law For Sellers department, and often we run into issues that are off of the Amazon platform.

A lot of Amazon sellers work with distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, co-packers. What happens when a dispute arises that has nothing to do with Amazon, even if you sell on Amazon?

For example, say you hired a company to package items for you and they didn’t return the products that you thought you were getting. Say the products arrived damaged because they didn’t bundle the products properly. Whatever the reason is, it caused you financial harm.

If this happened to you, whether you have a written contract with that other company or not, contact us. Even if you don’t have a document that you can look at that’s signed by both yourself and the other party, it doesn’t mean you do not have rights.

If you are having problems with your distributors, manufacturers, or suppliers:


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