MAP Pricing Agreement Issues for Amazon Sellers after Amazon Posts Sellers’ Personal Info.

Amazon sellers, this is another alert. It has to do with Amazon sellers who have signed MAP agreements.

MAP stands for minimum advertised price. After 2007, when the United States Supreme Court basically threw out the enforceability of MAP agreements, it carved out an exception that might affect you, now that Amazon is going to reveal to the entire world who you are and where you are located.

Even since 2007’s United States Supreme Court decision, which basically threw out MAP agreements, if you are a signatory to a MAP agreement, you are subject to that contract. This is the carve-out the United States Supreme Court made in a case called Leegin. It had to do with leather goods. If you are an Amazon seller and you signed a MAP agreement, and you continue to sell those products beneath the MAP price, those brands will be able to see who you are, where you are, and then pursue their remedies for breach of that MAP agreement.

Again, this only affects sellers who actually signed the MAP contract. If you never signed the agreement, you are not subject to it. That is today’s Amazon Sellers Lawyer September Alert, your identity will be disclosed.

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