Should Amazon Sellers Start Litigation to Recover Damages from Hijacked Listings?

Here’s a question a seller posed to our client relations team about litigation… Let’s say someone has hijacked your listing and you’ve lost money, but you didn’t lose a lot of money. Can you sue them?

Well, the answer is you can, but the real answer is that it’s not going to be worthwhile.

When you sue someone in court, you almost always have to prove damages. That as a result of what they did wrong, you lost money. If your damages are not high enough where it’s three to five times the cost of litigation, it’s usually not worthwhile.

So can you sue to recover damages from hijacked listings every time someone does it?

Can you file a lawsuit every time someone does something that harms your business interests?

Yes, you can. But unless you have lost enough money that it’s three to five times the cost of litigation, it’s probably not worthwhile. I urge you to put your time and effort and money into something else that will result in a profit.

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