Amazon publishing seller PRIVATE INFORMATION to consumers, brands, other sellers.

Find out why this may actually be good for sellers in the United States.

The result of Amazon publishing your private information as an Amazon seller, to the consumers, to other sellers and to brands, you are going to face a ton of new issues. The one I want to talk about today are sellers located in China and how that may benefit sellers located in the United States.

Previously, before Amazon decided to release the identification information of sellers, the way most savvy consumers and the way each of you knew when a seller was located in China or some other country outside of the United States is that the delivery times were often four to six weeks out. This was terrible, especially for private label sellers.

Now, with Amazon publishing where sellers are located, the consumer is going to know right away if a seller’s located in China, unless they’ve taken steps to avoid that. What does that mean? I believe it means more sellers for US-based sellers. We know ‘made in the USA’ has always helped make more sales. Now I think that will apply to Amazon sellers.

Even if you’re selling another branded product on your listing, it’s going to show that you’re located here in the United States of America, and for sellers located here, I think it’s a great thing to promote that you are not only located in United States yourself, but that you are creating jobs here in the States. So, this is one aspect of Amazon releasing your information to the public, to other sellers and to brands, that I think is great for sellers located in the United States. Not so great for sellers located in China or other parts of the world.

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