Amazon Sellers News: Used Sold as New Complaints – Products Damaged in Warehouses or During Shipping

Anyone that’s faced a used sold as new complaint before and had to appeal it knows more often than not, the cause of the complaint is typically going to be products damaged from shipping or products damaged while in the warehouse.

Regardless of this, more often than not, Amazon is going to ask you for invoices to prove authenticity for these products, to prove that the products themselves are new. The trouble that we’re seeing is that private label sellers are getting the invoices through and getting over this hurdle. More often than not, the invoices that private label sellers are going to have are going to be from manufacturers overseas, and these invoices are not going to be very detailed. So to help get you through this appeal process, a lot of times you may want to consider adding secondary documentation such as proof of ownership for the brand, a trademark, something along those lines to help you get over those hurdles.

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