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Amazon Prime Video Stands Alone

Amazon Prime Video has made its debut as an individual video streaming service, offering a great alternative to its previous availability as a members-only feature.

Until now, Amazon Prime Video was an exclusive service for customers who paid the yearly rate for Prime. This new option lets non-Prime members pay per month for premium service, with a 30-day free trial available.

On Sunday night, Amazon announced a new option for existing Prime members as well: a monthly rate of $10.99, which is a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to pay the yearly fee.

The debut of Amazon Prime Video is right in line with Amazon’s pursuit of dominance in every possible industry. With Amazon Prime Video now available as an individual service, Amazon has infiltrated yet another market. Prime Video adds to the plethora of niche markets Amazon has built a presence within, in addition to food, books, shoes, and even financial services. Amazon Prime Video is expected to compete with Netflix, the most popular leading service in video streaming right now. Reps from Netflix had no comment on Amazon’s new venture.


Video Streaming Adds to the Power of Amazon Prime

Prime memberships increased by nearly 50% in 2015, thanks to the perks of video streaming from Amazon. Amazon also introduced the Streaming Partners Program for Prime members to expand their viewing options even more – a variety of major networks now appear on Amazon through the streaming partners program, including Starz and Showtime.

Although Netflix and Hulu have gained a serious competitor, the upside for each of these companies is that the general public continues to move away from traditional TV and movie options every day – these days, most of us prefer to use a service like Amazon Prime Video. And why not? The options are endless. The launch of this new Amazon video streaming service brings even more convenience to the world of entertainment. Amazon Prime Video reinforces the dominance of the internet in every aspect of daily life – and the power of Amazon as a company itself.

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