Winning Reinstatements on Amazon w/ Plans of Action for Late Shipping Suspensions

Amazon sellers, you can survive, you can win reinstatement after suspensions for late shipping.

It’s not rocket science. This is Declan. He’s one of our brilliant paralegals, and I’m not shy about telling you this, but he’s also the son of a guy that I grew up with who was also remarkably bright, so he’s got a good gene pool in him.

So Declan recently won the reinstatement of an Amazon seller on a late shipping case.

And a lot of times these cases can be won by writing a killer plan of action that describes to Amazon how you as an Amazon seller are going to be a better seller. How you’re switching software, you’re automating systems, you’ve hired new staff, and you’re going to make sure that late shipments are not going to be a problem again for consumers who order products from you.

Declan, you are almost as smart as your dad. I’m pleased to have you on our team. Congratulations on getting this Amazon seller’s business back online with your plan of action.

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