AMAZON SELLERS’ LAWYER SUCCESS: Recently, we helped a client who received an inauthentic complaint, which resulted in their listing becoming suspended. The suspension was due to only one customer complaint, so this suspension occurred rather quickly.

The first thing that we did was look through our client’s customer messages. We found that a customer had written a review stating that our client’s product was fake. We also referenced the reviews for the listing page on this product and found that the product was a type of hair dye primarily purchased and utilized by hairstylists. Basically, someone with experience would purchase this product; an experienced, licensed hair stylist more so than the average customer who would be looking for a more casual type of hair dye to use.

We used that information in our plan of action. In our POA, we cited that a person would have to know the correct ratio of hair dye and solution paired with the additional components needed. We referenced that it was possible that the customer was looking for a more casual, less complicated type of hair dye product and that may have been why they thought this product was a fake.

Also, the packaging varied from year to year, so it was possible that the customer was confused as to whether it was or was not the correct product.

Our client also had maintained and provided copies of their invoices to Amazon, which showed the supply chain and proved that the products were authentic.

The clients themselves were very experienced hair stylists so they were able to work with us to help with the ASIN reinstatement.

At Rosenbaum, Famularo & Segall PC, law firm behind, we pride ourselves on our collaborative work environment. Our college-educated staff works together with clients to create the best possible plan of action for Amazon listing reinstatement.

The reason we work alongside our clients and ask for their input is because no one knows a business better than the person running it. Only a fool would write a plan of action without asking the business owner to collaborate. Our goal is to help get our clients’ accounts up and running as soon as possible so they can continue to make money to support their families and employees.

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