Amazon Kindle Oasis: Top Tech Features in New Kindle

amazon kindle oasisAvailable for pre-order today, the new Amazon Kindle Oasis is lighter, thinner and packs more hours of battery life than any of the previous models.

A dual-charging system for the battery allows for several weeks of power without recharging the device. This new system lets the Amazon Kindle Oasis begin charging automatically when the cover is replaced. Its battery life is further preserved by a new type of hibernation feature that reduces power use when the device is not active.

Amazon Kindle Oasis Features

In addition to its powerful battery, the Amazon Kindle Oasis has a newly designed lighting system to make e-reading easy on your eyes at any time of day. The “Voyage reader” looks sharper and clearer than previous Kindle models, with a 300 ppi screen that includes 60% more LED lights than other Kindles. However, although this device is brighter than other Kindles, you will not see any of the actual LED lights on the screen. The Kindle Oasis is designed to make reading on your device easier than ever – in addition to the lighting system, it includes buttons that create a distraction-proof experience where you can turn a page without touching the Kindle screen.

The Amazon Kindle Oasis is the first Kindle model to ship ready with its own cover, due to the built-in charging features available. But even with all these additional features, the Kindle Oasis is still the thinnest, lightest model available. It weighs only 4.6 ounces and measures 3.4 mm at the thinnest portion.

According to news sources, the Kindle Oasis will begin shipping on April 27th, and pre-orders will be taken starting today. With the new Amazon Kindle Oasis, Amazon has reinforced its dedication to books, reading, and the ever-evolving process of combining traditional books with high-tech developments to super charge your reading experience.