Amazon’s Jeff Bezos & The Washington Post Warn Retailers of High Return Rates in January

In the words of the Washington Post, the newspaper owned by Jeff Bezos, this is what you need to know about returns in January.

Retailers should brace for a tidal wave of returns. That’s what Jeff’s newspaper says.

That is its headline when it comes to returns. Even though good old Jeff’s newspaper is warning all retailers of the tidal wave of returns and the other headlines that are out there, how the coronavirus changed retailers’ return policies, the high cost of returns, should retailers rethink their policies. None of this, none of this even touches the surface as to what Amazon sellers need to know about the returns in January.

Unlike the retailers that are mentioned in Jeff’s Washington Post article, if a retailer in a traditional brick and mortar store has returns, no one is going to lock him or her out of their space. No one’s going to shut down their store because consumers bring back products. But as an Amazon seller, you know if you have too many returns, your ODR, your order defect rate’s going to go absolutely through the roof. It goes over 1%, and guess what? You are at significant risk of having your entire business shut down by the same owner as the Washington Post. So what do you need to do?

Stay abreast of the latest news of what you can do if you face returns, just like every other retailer. In addition, make sure you deal with the returns as quickly as possible. Even if there was nothing wrong with the product, even if the return doesn’t make any sense, even though you’re just being victimized by Amazon having extended their return policy, you have to look at the long term goals of being in business on Amazon, which is to stay in business on Amazon. Let the consumer return the products, do quick refunds, do quick turnaround times, and please watch all of the videos for what we are calling “return-uary” for Amazon sellers.

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