Amazon Inauthentic Suspensions: what sellers need to show on invoices from suppliers & their own invoices.

Inauthentic suspensions are Amazon’s way of asking you to show a link from your products all the way back to the brand, and I’m going to run through:

5 things you need to look at on the supplier side of your invoice

7 things you need to look at on your side of the invoice

One, the supplier must have a link to the brand.

Number two, the supplier must have a web presence.

Number three, your supplier should absolutely accept phone calls from Amazon if Amazon calls to confirm that they sold the products to you.

Number four, and the address on that invoice for the so that when Google staff in India runs a Google Earth search on them, it looks like a business. It looks like a warehouse.

Number five, the supplier.

If that supplier is selling to other Amazon sellers and it is known to Amazon, that is a huge plus for any supplier to have that you’re buying from. Seven things that are your side of the invoice that you really should try and get. They’re not mutually exclusive. These are all just powerful arguments to show Amazon on any inauthentic one.

The name on your invoice hopefully matches your Amazon account with the corporation that owns your Amazon account.

Number two, your physical address should match what Amazon has.

Number three your email address should match what Amazon has. I think this one is ridiculous cause we all have multiple email addresses. Amazon looks to see if the email address on your side of the invoice matches what Amazon has in their system.

Number four, the phone number. Your phone number should absolutely match the phone number that Amazon has on file number five quantities.

Number five, the number of units that you bought on that invoice has to make sense in terms of what you sent into Amazon. If you sent in 5,000 units and your invoice shows 1000, no good. It’s always okay to have more units. You really shouldn’t have significantly less.

Number six, do not redact anything. I know the policy says that Amazon is okay with you redacting prices. They have testified at arbitrations under my cross-examination that if you redact anything at all, they hold that against you.

Number seven, no handwriting on that invoice unless there’s a space for handwriting. Don’t write on top of it. Don’t circle stuff. Leave the invoice as it is and submit to Amazon. The most important thing that you’re submitting is something that shows that you actually paid for the products. If your invoice does not show the payment was made, Amazon looks at that like it’s a purchase order and not an invoice. It is not fulfilling what they are looking for.

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