WEBINAR WEDNESDAYS: Selling on Amazon EU: Vital Issues for Sellers

Vital Issues for UK & EU Sellers with European eCommerce Lawyer Alex Naray, Geneva

Join CJ Rosenbaum of Amazon Sellers Lawyer, as he interviews Alex Naray, Swiss attorney-at-law and founder of eCommerceLawyer.com. They will discuss challenges and solutions of how to access European Amazon marketplaces.

Discussing topics like…

  • How to access European Amazon marketplaces
  • How to sell in Europe without being a EU resident
  • Before selling on Amazon EU: how to choose the best logistics, corporate and fiscal strategy before sales happen
  • EU marketplace requirements (UK requires UK VAT number)
  • Importing products from China / US to Europe (different options, sea ports, airports, free trade zones)
  • Amazon reporting and VAT payments
  • Benefits of owning a Swiss company


CJ Rosenbaum Amazon LawyerCJ Rosenbaum:

Founding partner of the only full-service, international law firm focused on Amazon sellers. Rosenbaum Famularo, P.C., the law firm behind AmazonSellersLawyer.com, has a full time staff in New York, Europe and China. CJ’s law firm focuses on suspensions, representing sellers, and brand protection. View global upcoming events CJ Rosenbaum will be speaking at, click here.

Alex Naray - Selling on Amazon EU: Vital Issues for SellersAlex Naray:

Attorney at law and entrepreneur in Switzerland. Specialized in corporate, commercial and fiscal law. He has built several successful Amazon businesses and founded ecommercelawyer.com to help entrepreneurs and SMEs with legal and tax challenges while setting-up an ecommerce business. He has a unique duality of experience, namely  as an Amazon seller as well as nearly 10 years of experience as a business and tax lawyer.

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