Amazon Enabling NARF PROGRAM Without Seller Consent – Bringing AMZ to Arbitration for LOST FUNDS

The NARF program that Amazon has where you keep all your inventory in the United States, yet you can sell it across North America, Canada, the US, and Mexico. Usually, you have to sign up for this program.

Well, we’re engaged in an arbitration against Amazon, where Amazon put the seller into the program without the seller ever requesting it or wanting it.

There was an issue where hundreds and hundreds of sales were canceled and Amazon is blaming our client. So when issues can’t be resolved, whether it’s a NARF issue or simply Amazon claiming to have lost your inventory, or you didn’t label it properly, or Amazon just refuses to release your money, the way to resolve issues when you can’t do it with plans of action and filing case after case after case, spending dozens of hours with seller support is to bring Amazon to arbitration.

What you’re doing is you’re taking the decision-making out of Amazon’s hands and putting it right into a neutral arbitrator’s hands.

They’re the ones that make the decision. There are different processes. There’s expedited arbitration versus non-expedited. There are different cost structures. A lot of these cases resolve. I can’t talk to you about any of those cases, but I want to let you know whether you have a NARF issue like this particular seller or any other issue where Amazon is keeping your money, keeping your inventory and refusing to resolve things with you amicably, you have every right to take Amazon to arbitration.

To learn more about the incredible team we have for representing sellers against Amazon in arbitrations. I participate, my partner, Rob Segall manages that area of our practice, and his right hand, Ashley.

If you have any questions, we are here to answer them. Email me at and feel free to request a case consult, even if you file the arbitration yourself, we are here for sellers in every way that we can be.


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