Suspended Book Sellers on Amazon: Show Order History

Intellectual property complaints with booksellers on Amazon.

Screenshot your order history and send it to whoever it is that’s making the complaint, showing that you have zero sales. This is one of the most effective ways to get a complaint removed. It’s also super effective when dealing with Amazon, to show them that there’s no way you could have infringed on intellectual property rights without any sales.

Show Amazon your order history: If you’ve been accused of selling counterfeit books but you never sold any books at all, that means you didn’t deliver counterfeit books because you delivered nothing.

This is very powerful when you’re going back to the person or company that made the complaint because that complaint is entirely baseless because you didn’t deliver any books at all. Whoever made that complaint, be it a lawyer at the O+Z law firm, another bookseller, the brand itself, whoever it is, they have committed what’s called defamation per se because they accused you of a crime you didn’t commit. They’ve also intentionally interfered with your contract with Amazon, which is another civil claim that you have in court.

I’m not saying rush into court, but you want to use these claims as leverage to get that person/company that made the complaint to withdraw the complaint. It also is persuasive to show order history to Amazon staff in India because again, if you didn’t sell anything, you did not deliver anything counterfeit to Amazon’s consumers.

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