Amazon Affiliate Accounts Not Getting Paid For Their Traffic

When Amazon owes you money and won’t give it to you.

This is your Inside Information. I’m CJ Rosenbaum, and that’s what we’re going to be talking about today, plans of action for affiliate accounts, Amazon appeals for affiliated accounts, and arbitration when Amazon absolutely refuses to pay you the money it owes you.

Just like Amazon keeps money and inventory from Amazon sellers, Amazon routinely keeps money it owes to affiliate accounts for the traffic it sends over to Amazon. If you’re unaware, an Amazon affiliate account is a special type of an account with Amazon where people build websites and funnels that send traffic to Amazon and results in sales on Amazon’s website. Amazon makes a boatload of money from these sales and they give a little bit under the contract to the person/company that owns the affiliate account who sent the traffic over to them.

Now, you may not know this, but in addition to writing the world’s greatest plans of action, the world’s greatest Amazon appeals, we also do brand protection for Amazon private label sellers. We take Amazon to arbitration when they refuse to give you your inventory back or release your money. We handle litigation for Amazon sellers, both as plaintiffs and defendants if you get sued. We have teams in China to help you with sourcing. And last but not least, we have an entire team devoted to providing traditional legal services to Amazon sellers. We call it ‘Business Law for Sellers’.

If Amazon suspends or terminates your affiliate account, the 1st step is to write a plan of action.

The 2nd step is to write an appeal – similar to the process for sellers when listings/accounts are suspended.

If the POAs & appeals fail, and Amazon owes you $20,000 or more, you have a right to take Amazon to arbitration.

In prior cases, we have obtained orders from arbitrators telling Amazon to pay the affiliate account owner, pay them the money they owe. In one particular case, even though the arbitrator probably should not have done it, the arbitrator ordered Amazon to reopen that affiliate account because Amazon refused to testify.

If you own an affiliate account and Amazon has refused to pay you, contact us and speak with our arbitration department.

You may have a great case to take Amazon to arbitration, take the decision-making out of Amazon’s hands and obtain an order directing Amazon to pay you the money that it owes you for the traffic you sent and in many cases for the traffic your links continue to send.


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