Amazon Sellers’ News 10/21/19 with CJ Rosenbaum: Amazon A to Z Claims, Counterfeit Complaints & Inside Information from Amazon Staff in India.

A-Z claims are a guarantee of a refund for a customer.

So it is essential that as a seller, if you receive a message from a customer that says they do not like the product, they received a different product, they want a refund, definitely address that as soon as possible. You do not want to get hit with an A-Z claim. This is when the customer goes directly to Amazon, bypasses the seller and leaves a comment. So we actually are seeing an influx of A-Z claim suspensions because these sellers are not addressing the customers that need a refund.

Counterfeit complaints from rights owners that aren’t the real owners.

So what I mean by that is, if I’m a seller and I want you off of this listing because you’re my competitor, then I’m going to make a fake email address, assert a counterfeit complaint from you and knock you off the listing. It is very important that you check the trademark, see if there is a trademark number asserted. If not, see if you can reach out to the brand, the original brand owner. Maybe they will be able to inform you, “Hey, we did not file this complaint against you,” and then you will be able to bring that to Amazon’s attention.

As we’re approaching the holidays, watch out for IP complaints.

It is very important that every IP complaint is addressed. Go through all of your policy warnings, go all the way back. Just write to Amazon that you have removed yourself from the listing and do not plan on selling the product again. Even for those ASINs that have just fallen off of your account, it’s very important that you do address them because Amazon can hit you with a 72-hour appeal and you will be very confused as to why that ASIN is now on your account health.

Today’s secret information from Amazon..

I spoke to someone who is on a team called the MBO team and they audit all of the audits of the other teams including seller performance, seller support, and a bunch of other teams. They go in and audit their teams’ audits and he confirmed that Amazon will take the side of the third party seller or the truck driver over a consumer.

Okay, the second piece of information I want to share with you today is something that’s kind of interesting when it comes to the deliveries done in places like Manhattan, that Amazon breaks Manhattan up into grids where they know there’s heavy traffic. What they do with their data collection is pretty awesome. They take the data from the truckers who email them if they’re running late, and also consumer complaints that are running late, that their packages didn’t arrive in time, and they compile all that data into software as a way of addressing which products are really delivered late and which consumers may not be telling the truth about their products being late and kind of pulling a scam.

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