72 Hour Suspension Notices For Inauthentic Allegations Made Against Amazon Sellers

Amazon sellers, this is Briana London. She is a new member of our team and is just kicking butt for Amazon sellers.

Just a couple of days ago, she won a case on the first plan of action, the first swing at the plate. It was a 72 hour notice regarding inauthentic allegations and perfume.

In the eyes of Amazon, an inauthentic item is defined by where it is purchased by the seller. Items purchased from any source other than the authorized manufacturer of the product are considered to be inauthentic – even if they are indeed the “real” brand name product.

Now, if you sell perfume on Amazon, you know it’s a really difficult category. Your margins are small and the complaints are high.

So Briana, absolutely awesome plan of action, awesome review of the invoices before you sent them over to Amazon, and thank you so much for being on the team helping sellers all over the world.

If you have a 72 hour suspension notice from Amazon, contact our team today.
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