Amazon Sellers Product Packaging

As an Amazon private label seller, one of the missions during the process of building your brand is to create a logo and package for your products. Some people may think of package design simply as a nice image on a bottle or box, but there’s much more to it than that. Package design should be a marketing instrument that helps express your brand value and character. It’s a way to visually attract customers and drive sales.

Amazon Sellers Product Packaging You might question the importance of package design because its main purpose is to protect the products. Without a doubt, the essential function of product package is to safeguard the item inside it. However, because many consumers judge products by their appearance, packaging actually plays a vital role in making a good first impression.

Moreover, a good package design can add value to the product by making the product more appealing whereas poor package design can lower the perceived value and discourage people to buy the product.

Since package design has massive impact on your private label products, it’s important to consider the 5 factors below when designing your package.

Amazon Sellers Product Packaging Tips:
1. Protect the Product

The basic function for package is to protect the product. Therefore, it’s imperative to make sure your package to be safe and stable enough to withstand travel as your products would be transported many times from manufacturer to warehouse and finally to buyers. Your cost will increase if your items get broken during transit because you will be the one to absorb the loss.

In addition, if the package successfully keeps your product intact until it is delivered to your customer, there will be fewer customer complaints. If customers receive damaged products, not only will your brand reputation be harmed, you will also be required to ship a new one, which is an additional cost for your company.

2. Use Product-Specific Packaging

Different kinds of products require different types of packaging. For instance, if the product is simple, disposable, or frequently used, it’s useless to place it in a fancy package. Instead, choose inexpensive material and use a simple design. If you’re selling organic products, it would be appropriate to use eco-friendly material for packaging as they both symbolize the idea of “green” to consumers. On the other hand, if you are selling upscale, trendy, or beauty products, a flamboyant or lavishly designed package would certainly match your products well.

3. Focus on Demographics

Amazon Sellers Product Packaging You should also think about your intended customer segment. Different products are aimed at different target audiences, which can be grouped by age, gender, education level, lifestyle, and so on. Once you identify your customer segments, you can start to design the package that has the ability to “speak “ to them, because a good package can be a powerful communication tool. Moreover, a good package can help enhance brand recognition and build brand loyalty.

4. Consumer Readability

Package with complex design might wow consumers; however, it might make it difficult for consumers to recognize your brand name and product description, which defeats the basic purpose of package. To avoid this situation, it’s important to choose simple, clear, suitable font not only for product description but also your logo as it would help consumer to remember your brand name. Also, place the words in a smooth flow and order to make it easy to read.

5. Differentiate your Package

Amazon Sellers Product Packaging The last thing you should consider is how to differentiate your package from your competitors’. In most cases, you do not want a package that is similar to other brands and can easily confuse consumers. It should be easy to identify and represent your brand accurately.

A good package design could keep products safe, strengthen brand value, and thus, boost sales! Take note of the above 5 factors when designing packaging for your products and make them more appealing!

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