34 Intellectual Property Complaints Retracted Within 48 Hours!!

Amazon Suspension for IP rights complaints for Parallel Importing

Recently we had a client come into our firm that was selling products on the UK Amazon marketplace. Typically we are American lawyers, but often, we do find ourselves dealing with European law and things on the Amazon UK platform.

This client received an intellectual property complaint from one of the largest clothing manufacturers in the entire world. Because of this, it was not the average situation when a seller can go against the complaint himself. He chose to come to us, Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, law firm behind and after analyzing his case as a team, we came to a conclusion that the allegation was considered as parallel importing.

We sat and researched together by looking into this major clothing line to see whom else they sent such a complaint to. We then familiarized ourselves with this European law. We drafted an incredibly strong letter, which detailed why our client wasn’t liable for this parallel import allegation that they set forth.

Within 48 hours our team had all 34 IP complaints retracted !!

Ultimately, we got one of the largest clothing companies in the world to issue a retraction to our client. We concluded that because there was over 34 intellectual property complaints filed at once, this lead to his account suspension.

Intellectual Property Complaints Retracted: This account is no longer at risk of a suspension.

By hiring Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, you have the benefit of our entire team working together for your case. All information you give to us is confidential by law.

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