Amazon Sellers’ Guide to Chinese Intellectual Property Law

By: CJ Rosenbaum Esq., Anthony Famularo Esq., Conor Wiggins, and Moshe Allweis

Book: Amazon Sellers Guide - Chinese Intellectual Property Law

The Amazon Sellers’ Guide to Chinese Intellectual Property Law focuses on informing Amazon sellers about protecting their brand from threats located in China and steps sellers can take to prohibit infringers. We discuss trademark and copyright law, the two primary ways to protect your brand around the world.

The Chinese marketplace is booming and ripe for investment. The development of ecommerce companies like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay have provided the keys to the global marketplace for corporations and individual sellers to market their products worldwide. As such, it’s absolutely paramount that sellers understand their IP rights in China. It’s important for sellers to understand that with a history as long and as notable as China’s, there are bound to be differences that influence exactly what intellectual property means to the Chinese people.

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We can assist you in discovering the issues within your Amazon seller account that caused a suspension. We’ll provide a detailed analysis of your account, identify the underlying issues, and figure out how to address each of them before we complete your Plan of Action and get your account reinstated.

Rosenbaum, Famularo & Segall, PC focuses on 3 major areas for Amazon sellers:

  1. Suspensions: Plans of Action for non-legal suspensions and obtaining withdrawals of intellectual property right complaints.
  2. Representing Sellers in Arbitration: when Amazon refuses to reinstate accounts or seizes money/goods belonging to Amazon sellers.
  3. Brand Protection: for private label sellers on all web platforms.

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Jim B.
Jim B.
22:47 06 May 21
Rosenbaum, Famularo & Segall is HIGHLY recommended. We have benefitted from the firm's generous free advice in the past, and subscribe to the daily podcasts. Our recent experience has had to do with the selling of our e-commerce business.Nicole is awesome and so very eager to help. She is professional and knowledgeable, but more than that, her determination to find the right fit for resolving any issue shines right through the phone! Nicole put us in touch with Ashley and David who have (on very short notice) provided just the information we needed. We engaged them to be sure we (as sellers) are covered in any contract for purchase and/or transfer of inventory and IP/trademark rights. They delivered impressively!You can't go wrong here - these folks all really want to help and have a great track record of doing just that! (Jan & Jim Blue)
Amz T.
Amz T.
17:38 06 May 21
Thank you Anthony Zhang for your professional work. Anthony and his team helped us to deal with received IP claims on Amazon and to reinstate our account.These guys know how to deal with Amazon!I recommend you without a doubt!
03:32 08 Apr 21
I called Rosenbaum regarding an IP complaint at 8 pm PST which I didn't realize was already 11 pm at his time. He called me back within a few sec and gave me the best advice, I can’t get words for my appreciation.
ThaReal J.
ThaReal J.
18:34 02 Feb 21
I dealt specifically with Marisol, and man was she informative and kind. She help me understand the severity of an IP claim while still making feel at ease to retaining this law firm and that they were the ones to handle my suspension. I can’t wait to retain this firm for all my Amazon issues moving forward.
Angel P.
Angel P.
19:30 08 Jan 21
It was a great pleasure speaking with Jenn McDonald & Marisol. They help me a lot I was able to point myself in the right direction. I originally called them to just get some answers on IP claims and how to better handle them. I’ve been using their website and looking at many of their YouTube videos which are a great reason for information especially for Amazon Sellers. I am looking forward to retaining their services and working more with them.
Linda Y.
Linda Y.
23:38 05 Jan 21
In my second month as a professional seller on Amazon, I received an IP complaint with a corresponding warning that my account was under review and in danger of possible suspension. After considerable panic, and hours of watching Utube videos on resolving IP issues. I found Rosenbaum Famularo, P.C. As advertised, their consultation was free and extremely helpful. I spoke with Marisol about my situation and she was amazing!! She is a great listener and advised me on a course of action. After I spoke with her I was able to proceed with tackling the IP problem. I highly recommend contacting this firm if you have any Amazon seller legal concerns, the consultation was free, friendly, helpful, and unhurried. I felt Marisol really cared about my situation and felt her genuine concern. A breath of fresh air in an often dismal world. Thank you!!!
Marty G.
Marty G.
04:00 03 Dec 20
I was having a copyright issue concerning a counter-claimant on After researching law firms who specialize in copyright law, I decided to call Rosenbaum Familaro, P.C. CJ Rosenbaum answered my call and immediately put me at ease. He knew my concerns and was so generous with his time in explaining my options and imparting rock solid advice. THIS is the law firm to go to if you need legal advice and/or representation in matters of copyright and intellectual property rights. Highly recommended!
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Amazon Sellers’ Guide: Chinese IP Law



Purpose of this book ……….. iv

Firm Profile ……….. iv

Author Profile ……….. vii

Legal Disclaimer ……….. xi

Chapter One

Then and Now: A Brief History of Intellectual Property in China ……….. 1

China’s Historical and Cultural Interpretation of Intellectual Property Rights ……….. 3

Realities of Chinese Intellectual Property Today ……….. 8

Chapter Two

Understanding Your Intellectual Property Rights in China ……….. 10

What Is A Copyright? ……….. 10

What Is A Trademark? ……….. 12

What Is A Patent? ……….. 14

What Is Trade Dress? ……….. 15

What Are Trade Secrets? ……….. 17

Chapter Three

Registering Your Intellectual Property in China: Preventing Issues Before They Occur ……….. 19

Registering For Copyright Protection in China ……….. 20

Registering For Trademark Protection in China ……….. 30

Registering For Patent Protection in China ……….. 41

Chapter Four

Copyright: Fighting Infringers and Protecting Your Products ……….. 48

Offense: Stopping Copyright Infringers ……….. 48

Defense: Fighting Off Copyright Infringement Claims ……….. 58

Chapter Five

Trademark: Fighting Infringers and Protecting Your Products ……….. 61

Offense: Stopping Trademark Infringers ……….. 61

Defense: Fighting Off Trademark Infringement Claims ……….. 66

Chapter Six

Patent: Fighting Infringers and Protecting Your Products ……….. 73

Offense: Stopping Patent Infringers ……….. 75

Defense: Fighting Off Patent Infringement Claims ……….. 80

Chapter Seven

Trade Dress: Fighting Infringers and Protecting Your Products ……….. 85

Offense: Stopping Trade Dress Infringers ……….. 85

Defense: Fighting Off Trade Dress Infringement Claims ……….. 90

Chapter Eight

Conclusion: Intellectual Property in China Today and Tomorrow ……….. 92

Table of Authorities ……….. 99