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Amazon is known for its strict rules and regulations that all Sellers must follow in order to keep their account in good standing.

These policies were put into place with the intention of maintaining a safe atmosphere for customers to purchase items online.

However, there have been many situations where legal action was taken against Amazon for common law violations that caused damages to both Sellers and Buyers.

These include: copyright infringement, breach of agreements with vendors, deceptive advertising practices and more.

There are many recorded cases against Amazon, and regardless of the outcome of any particular case, these instances show that Amazon law is not above the law that we all must follow.

Our website provides legal documentation of these cases involving Amazon, along with the details of the case and whether Amazon won or lost.

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Three General Categories of Amazon Law:

Amazon has been involved in many lawsuits involving Sellers’ rights, violations of copyrights and trademarks by third-party Sellers or by Amazon itself, unlawful price changes, unauthorized holding of Sellers’ funds, and other infringements upon the rights of Sellers and businesses on the platform.

The Amazon Law Library sums up these cases to help each and every Seller understand their rights when it comes to selling on Amazon.

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