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Drop Shipping Suspensions on Amazon.com

Suspended for Drop Shipping

Sellers are continuing to be suspended for drop-shipping directly from places like Sam’s Club or Walmart directly to customers. We want to just give you a heads up that this might be your time to change your business strategy because it seems like Amazon is continuously going to crack down harder and harder on anybody they feel is violating their drop shipping policy.

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Sellers suspended for violating Amazon’s drop-shipping policy.

Now, the main reason why these sellers were suspended was due to the fact that customers complained they were receiving non-Amazon packaging. So if you source your products from let’s say, Walmart or Home Depot, you need to make sure you get the packages sent to you first, and then send them to the customers yourself. Because if you don’t, you may end up violating this policy yourself.

Drop Shipping on Amazon BREAKING NEWS Sellers now have a chance to show invoices receipts before becoming suspended.

Drop Shipping Suspensions

And lastly, we’re moving onto our continuing trend where we’ve been seeing sellers getting suspended and receiving notification stating that they are violating drop shipping policy. Now I’m sure many of you would like to know the difference between retail arbitrage and drop shipping, but because this is Amazon’s sandbox, it is their rules.

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