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This book is intended to be a “bible” of all the legal issues surrounding Amazon and the use of its online platform. The book contains summaries of nearly every case Amazon has litigated within the past several years. The book is broken down into three sections, all of which have been written in everyday or “layman’s” terms in order to make the material accessible to anyone, whether they have a legal background or not. The first section is the Table of Contents; it provides a list of each legal category this book addresses.amazongraphicbook

Section two is the Annotations Section; essentially this section defines what each category from section one will cover and also provides shorter, concise summaries of each case found in its respective section. The third and final section contains full case summaries and breaks down each case by its issue, rule, facts, analysis, and Conclusion. Anyone who wishes to become a seller on the Amazon platform must agree to Amazon’s conditions of use. The conditions for sellers are extremely strict, and Amazon takes their enforcement very seriously. The terms of this agreement are complex, but Amazon has put them in place in order to promote the maintenance of a safe marketplace for consumers, sellers, and manufacturers alike. The conditions of use govern everything from Intellectual Property (IP) violations to seller’s late shipment rates. However, Amazon often reacts harshly towards sellers who violate this agreement in order to protect themselves. For example, Amazon will suspend a seller’s account even if they are merely accused of an IP violation, whether it is baseless or not. This is because IP statutes generally will not assign liability to a hosting website unless that website is made aware of the infringement. This book contains countless other examples of situations where having a legal background will prove advantageous to anyone looking to resolve an issue within the Amazon platform. The Amazon platform is unpredictable in the way it handles issues with sellers, so it is important to be prepared. When a seller has been suspended by Amazon, their reinstatement is handled on a case by case basis. What truly makes this book useful is how quickly and efficiently it allows the reader to research their issue.tvgraphic

By starting with the Table of Contents, the reader will be able to quickly identify which section of the book their issue will fall under. Next, a reader can use the annotations section in order to identify which cases will be the most useful in supporting their position. Finally, the full summaries will allow the reader to identify typical patterns and procedures that arise in situations similar to their own. By purchasing this book, you are already taking a step towards bettering your Amazon business and / or understanding the complex issues surrounding the Amazon platform. Amazon has been involved in far more legal issues than many people realize. Our team at the Amazon Seller’s Lawyer has been actively documenting each and every lawsuit involving Amazon since we have launched. This book provides case summaries of complete court opinions ranging from Amazon’s earliest days to the present. I hope this book helps anyone involved with the Amazon platform to educate themselves, avoid problems, and maximize their success as an online entrepreneur.


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