How We Got 2 Used Sold as New ASIN Suspensions Reinstated

Suspended Amazon ASIN Reinstatement

AMAZON SELLERS LAWYER SUCCESS: Recently, we had a client who received two Used Sold as New ASIN suspensions. The seller’s account was still open, but they had to comply with a plan of action. The client reached out and asked for our help. We went ahead and investigated the issue. We

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Intellectual Property Complaint Retracted for UK Amazon Seller

Intellectual Property Complaint Retractions

An Amazon seller selling on the Amazon European Union platform had a case which involved multiple intellectual property complaints. In this seller’s account, quite a few ASINs received infringement complaints, so being a little overwhelmed, our client reached out asking us to send a request for a retraction to the

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How We Reinstated a Suspended Amazon Listing after an IP Complaint

Suspended Amazon Account Reinstated

Intellectual property complaints are often the result of a rights owner filing a specific complaint with Amazon. We had a seller whose listing was blocked after it became reinstated. What happened was that their listing was suspended due to intellectual property complaints, which were resolved. After appealing, Amazon said that the

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Winning Plans of Action for Appeals & IP Issues on Amazon

Rosenbaum Famularo, PC

Our law firm has been reinstating Amazon seller accounts for years with our winning Plans of Action.  We’re extremely well-versed on a variety of issues pertaining to Amazon, including but not limited to: Arbitration Against Amazon Account / ASIN Suspensions Inauthentic Complaints 72 Hour Performance Notifications Trademark Complaints USPTO Submissions

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Amazon Seller Sued: Temporary Restraining Order Settled in 48 Hours

Amazon Seller Sued in Court - Temporary Restraining Order Settled in 48 Hours

We just helped an Amazon seller who is ranked Top 10 in the entire world in their selling category on Amazon. They got named in a lawsuit that commenced a few days ago. All of this client’s funds were frozen on Amazon due to a temporary restraining order. Temporary Restraining Orders

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How We Won an Inauthentic ASIN Suspension with Retail Receipts

Inauthentic Amazon Suspensions

Recently, we had a client who received an inauthentic ASIN suspension. They were sourcing their products directly from Marshalls and had receipts for the shoes that they were selling on Amazon. Our client received inauthentic complaints for 4 ASINs. On Amazon, ‘inauthentic’ means that the product is not as the

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How we appealed a Used Sold as New packaging suspension

Used Sold as New Amazon suspensions

Another great win for the Rosenbaum Famularo, PC team! In this Used Sold as New packaging suspension case, the products sold were being labelled as: “Not as Advertised; Damaged, Defective; Missing/Incomplete Items Received.” Amazon Packaging Issue Reinstated with Amazon Sellers Lawyer We review a variety of metrics and parts of

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Seller Reinstated after Used Sold as New & Inauthentic Suspensions

Suspended Amazon Seller Reinstatement

We recently helped a seller get their account back after reaching out to us via our chat system. They were dealing with 2 issues: an inauthentic suspension and a used sold as new complaint, both of which we deal with on a regular basis. AMAZON SELLERS LAWYER SUCCESS He had

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Suspended from Amazon due to Transparency Codes

Suspended from Amazon due to Transparency Codes

In this case, the Amazon seller was large and advanced, including 21 staff other than himself. It was important that we got this account back up and running because about 70 to 100 Americans relied on this account for their livelihood. This advanced seller was suspended from Amazon due to

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34 Intellectual Property Complaints Retracted Within 48 Hours!!

34 Intellectual Property Complaints Retracted Within 48 Hours!!

AMAZON SELLERS LAWYER SUCCESS 34 Intellectual Property Complaints Retracted Within 48 Hours!! Amazon Suspension for IP rights complaints for Parallel Importing Recently we had a client come into our firm that was selling products on the UK Amazon marketplace. Typically we are American lawyers, but often, we do find ourselves

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Selling Chemicals on Amazon: EPA Regulations & Amazon’s Rules

helping Amazon sellers get reinstated

AMAZON SELLERS LAWYER SUCCESS One of our clients was selling a chemical product which violated Amazon’s rules on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) policies for labeling requirements. We did quite a bit of research and from our view, they met all the EPA labeling requirements. When the seller first contacted us,

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Baseless IP Complaint Case Study: Major NFL Franchise/Team

Baseless IP Complaint Case Study Major NFL Franchise Team

How we beat a major NFL team when it asserted baseless counterfeit complaints against an Amazon seller. An NFL franchise was trying to enforce their distribution rights. They sold products directly to the individual that we represented. This individual had receipts and invoices purchased directly from the rights owner. Our

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Amazon Seller Reinstated on First Submission

Amazon Seller Reinstated - Wins on First Submission

Inauthentic suspensions are the #1 reason for sellers to lose their accounts and listings. We had a returning client come to us with an inauthentic suspension. He spoke with a member of our intake team. We reviewed the case file, all the documents and prior appeals, and then reached out

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How We Reinstated a Suspended Amazon Seller for ASIN Variation & Bundling

How We Reinstated a Suspended Amazon Seller for ASIN Variation & Bundling Issues

HUGE WIN: AMAZON SELLERS LAWYER SUCCESS The seller’s POA failed. He needed help getting reinstated and making payroll. We had a successful east coast Amazon seller come to us for assistance in getting his account reinstated. He started his business on his own and grew his company to currently employing

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