Intellectual Property

Sellers Accounts Reinstated after a Rights Owner Complaint Suspension

Amazon account suspension

How suspended Amazon sellers can handle intellectual property complaints & get their sellers accounts reinstated after a rights owner complaint suspension When selling on Amazon, an Amazon seller should be aware of the Intellectual Property (IP) issues that regularly arise on the platform. For Amazon sellers, intellectual property involves copyright

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#1 law firm dealing w/ intellectual property issues for Amazon sellers

#1 law firm dealing with intellectual property issues as they pertain to Amazon sellers

CJ Rosenbaum has always represented entrepreneurs and businesses way before even Amazon existed. Sellers need somebody who could write great Plans of Action with college educated writers who not only know the legal issues, but also the non-legal issues. If you have an inauthentic suspension, used sold as new, or

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Brand Development & Protection

Testimonial: brand development & protection

Lee H: “When I came to eCom Chicago, I didn’t really know exactly how I would go about protecting my brand from hijackers while at the same time staying really compliant as it came to copyrights and trademarks. But now I feel that I have a reliable answer when it

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Patent Infringement Complaints

patent infringement complaints

When a client comes to us with a patent infringement complaint, it is important for us to explain that there are two types of patents that are usually an issue on the Amazon platform. These are: utilities patents design patents It is very important for our clients to be aware

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Selling on Amazon without a Brand

selling without a brand

Selling on Amazon without a Brand Ways individuals can sell on Amazon without being a brand owner: In accordance with the first sale doctrine, an individual has the right to take a product, which was purchased authentically, in the exact same conditioning and packaging received from that supplier and resell

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Trademark Law in the U.S. Explained

Amazon Sellers Lawyer

Trademark Law in the United States “Trademark” means that if there’s a symbol that indicates what the quality of the product is, good or bad, that’s a trademark. Where you see it and instantaneously know this is an Apple computer because of the trademarked apple on it, for example. Same

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Facing Trade Dress Issues? Let Us Help.

trade dress issues

Facing Trade Dress Issues? Let Us Help. Trade Dress is just like a Trademark in that it identifies the source of the product. Trade Dress protects the design, packaging, or style of the product in the way that it is identified in the minds of consumers. However, Trade Dress does

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Band Merchandise IP Protection: how musicians can protect their brand.

Band Merchandise IP Protection: how musicians can protect their brand.

Band Merchandise IP Protection: how musicians can protect their brand. A new book we are working on, “Brand Protection & Protecting Musical Bands”, deals with topics such as copyright, trademark, trade dress. We all know that very little is actually made on music itself. The way bands make money is

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Protecting the interests of bands on trademark and intellectual property issues.

stop merchandise knockoffs

Protecting Band Merchandise Counterfeit Problems Rosenbaum Famularo, P.C., the law firm behind Amazon Sellers Lawyer, is now protecting the interests of bands on trademark and intellectual property issues. With a rise in merchandise counterfeit problems, Rosenbaum Famularo, P.C. aims to tackle them head-on to help bands both big and small

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Amazon Brand Protection

Amazon Sellers Lawyer

Helping Online Sellers Worldwide Rosenbaum Famularo, PC: Amazon Sellers Lawyer: When a client comes to us for a brand protection issue, our first step is to analyze the issue. We determine whether the seller is victimized by a hijacker or an infringing seller on their listings. Next, we

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Merchandise Protection on Amazon

contact Amazon Sellers Lawyer

CJ Rosenbaum, New York Attorney Helping Online Sellers Worldwide My name is CJ Rosenbaum. I’m the founder of a law firm that focuses on and if you are making money through your merchandise and if you are losing money from other people selling your merchandise, we can help you.

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Applying for Trademarks in the US – Differences in USA and China Laws

Applying for Trademarks in the US - Differences in US and China Laws

If you are an Amazon seller in China having any intellectual property complaints, call us and we will help get those complaints withdrawn, get your account back and you can go back to selling. In China, the only way you get protection is by filing documents with the government. If

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Understanding Intellectual Property Law in China: An Introduction

Amazon Sellers Lawyer // Rosenbaum Famularo, PC

Intellectual Property Law in China – China’s Historical and Cultural Interpretation of IP Rights The main purpose of this article is to provide some clarity, and to delve into the history of intellectual property throughout China’s history to provide information on Chinese intellectual property law for sellers. Intellectual Property Law in

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Amazon Seller Suspensions based upon Intellectual Property Rights

Rosenbaum Famularo, PC | Amazon Sellers Lawyer

Intellectual Property Rights Amazon Seller Suspensions CJ Rosenbaum is the founder of the law firm behind CJ Rosenbaum’s law firm helps suspended Amazon sellers get their Amazon sellers accounts back. Rosenbaum Famularo, P.C. drafts Plans of Action for Suspended Amazon Sellers for non-legal Amazon suspensions and also helps Amazon

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Major Court Decisions for Amazon Sellers

Amazon Sellers Court

Amazon Selling Counterfeit Products Tech-giant Amazon has won litigation against a Seattle-based pillowcase company. The ruling comes as a blow to Amazon sellers that were considering taking the world’s largest e-commerce to see its day in court. While it was believed that company – Milo & Gabby – had a

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Trademark Protection and Hijacked Listings

Amazon Trademark Protection

What Is Trademark Protection And How Do I Stop Hijacked Listings? Hijacked Listings Amazon sellers who list their own private label products can be subject to a hijacked listing, which occurs when another seller has posted a counterfeit or similar version of your private label product on your listing. This

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