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testimonial - Client Arbitration Free Consults & Flat Fees

“I just retained CJ’s firm today actually… Called them to represent me in an Amazon case. Got a call back on the first day from Jason… super knowledgeable guy… works for CJ… and he actually was able to explain to me all the fees that were involved, the procedure, all

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Compiling a Witness List for Arbitration against Amazon


We represent sellers against Amazon if they refuse to reinstate your account or refuse to give you back your money / inventory. The way we do that is by filing an arbitration against Amazon with the American Arbitration Association. That is probably one of the best parts of your contract

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Demands for Arbitration Against Amazon

arbitration against Amazon

Conor Wiggins & CJ Rosenbaum discuss arbitration against Amazon: In your contract with Amazon, you give up the right to take Amazon to court. But what you gain is the ability to have all your disputes resolved through arbitration, which is much faster and cheaper. What a demand for arbitration

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The Discovery Process of Arbitration: When Both Sides Exchange Information

Rosenbaum Famularo, PC

Today, Conor worked on the demand documents for one of our clients and also answered Amazon’s request for documents. What’s great about arbitration is that you are taking the decision out of Amazon’s hands. Amazon could object and say that they don’t want to turn over the information about how

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Taking Amazon to Arbitration

taking Amazon to arbitration

When Amazon suspends your account or knocks out your ASIN, try to work things out amicably with Amazon – it is by far the better way to go, and faster / cheaper. However, from time to time, Amazon unfairly says no and they won’t reinstate your ASIN, they won’t give

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