Why Chinese Sellers Trust Rosenbaum Famularo, PC

Chinese sellers trust Rosenbaum Famularo

There are two main reasons why Chinese sellers should trust us more than anybody else who helps sellers: #1) Everything a Chinese seller tells us about their business, every time they describe a product to us, we keep all that information secret. Nobody in our office sells anything so we

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Facing Trade Dress Issues? Let Us Help.

trade dress issues

Facing Trade Dress Issues? Let Us Help. Trade Dress is just like a Trademark in that it identifies the source of the product. Trade Dress protects the design, packaging, or style of the product in the way that it is identified in the minds of consumers. However, Trade Dress does

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24 Hour Plan of Action for Suspended Drop Shipper

72 Hour Performance Notifications

AMAZON SELLERS LAWYER SUCCESS Successful Plan of Action within 24 Hours Dana Rodriguez, a paralegal at Rosenbaum Famularo, law firm behind, talks about another reinstatement success story. Recently, Amazon has been reaching out to sellers and requesting a Plan of Action within 24 hours or their account will be

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How Hiring Freelancers Can Free Up Your Time & Other Important Tasks

Join CJ Rosenbaum as he interviews Nathan Hirsch of Freeup for this week’s Webinar Wednesday. Learn how hiring freelancers can free up your time and other important tasks. Nathan Hirsch is a serial entrepreneur and expert in remote hiring and ecommerce. He started his first ecommerce business out of his

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eComEngine: Software for Amazon Sellers


Join CJ Rosenbaum as he interviews Liz Fickenscher of eComEngine. Discussing inventory and Q4. WEBINAR WEDNESDAY with eComEngine: Software for Amazon Sellers Are you prepared for Q4? It’s not too late! eComEngine offers innovative tools for Amazon merchants, from enterprise sellers, to those who are just getting started. Their software

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4 Tips for Finding Suppliers for Your Products

Amazon ecommerce

Know your business needs Be picky when it comes to choosing a supplier. This is someone you want to develop a long-term relationship with to allow your business to grow. There are several ways to source your products, but it all depends on your business needs. Choosing a manufacturer or

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10 Tasks an Amazon Freelancer can Take Off your Plate

Connor Gillivan Amazon

Are you looking for an Amazon freelancer experienced in Amazon tasks? Now that you’ve set up an online store and joined the Amazon market, it’s time to tap into the growing freelance economy. According to Connor Gillivan, CMO of FreeeUp, “In the US, it’s calculated that already 35 percent of

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Inauthentic Suspensions for Private Label Sellers

inauthentic suspensions

Inauthentic Amazon Suspensions: Private Label Sellers Inauthentic suspensions are the #1 cause of either your entire Amazon account going down or losing your best ASINs. How to deal with an inauthentic suspension if you’re a Private Label Seller: 1. Provide Supplier Invoices: Send Amazon your emails from the inception of

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“Used Sold As New” Amazon Product Suspensions

Amazon Suspensions

“Used Sold As New” Amazon Product Suspensions What to do if suspended on Amazon and how to prevent this from happening to you. Too often we have individuals that provide us with invoices Amazon will not accept. Amazon will not accept Google docs, Microsoft word products, Excel sheets, Pro Forma

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Band Merchandise IP Protection: how musicians can protect their brand.

Band Merchandise IP Protection: how musicians can protect their brand.

Band Merchandise IP Protection: how musicians can protect their brand. A new book we are working on, “Brand Protection & Protecting Musical Bands”, deals with topics such as copyright, trademark, trade dress. We all know that very little is actually made on music itself. The way bands make money is

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How to Avoid Issues for New Amazon Sellers: INVOICES

How to Avoid Issues for New Amazon Sellers: INVOICES

How to Avoid Issues for New Amazon Sellers: QUALITY INVOICES when buying products. The most important thing a new Amazon seller should keep in mind is to make sure you have good, quality invoices when buying products. You want to have invoices from a distributor / manufacturer that indicates what

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Amazon Seller Back to Selling after Related Account Suspension

Amazon Seller Back to Selling After Related Account Suspension

CJ Rosenbaum talks to Dana Rodriguez, one of our many great paralegals here at Rosenbaum Famularo, PC, law firm behind Dana won a case recently regarding related accounts. Related Amazon Accounts: It is against Amazon’s policy to operate more than one seller account, unless Amazon gives you approval. The

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5 Factors to Look at Before Sending Invoices to Amazon

5 Factors That You Need to Look at Before Sending Invoices to Amazon

 If you receive an inauthentic suspension or loss of an ASIN listing, be sure to do the following before sending invoices to Amazon: 1. No Excel or Pro-forma: Never submit an excel spreadsheet or a pro-forma invoice. 2. No Photoshop: Stay away from Photoshop. Do not Photoshop anything on

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