How To Contact Amazon Seller Performance

Amazon Seller Performance

 How do you contact Amazon Seller Performance? A common issue for Amazon sellers – most often in the case of an account suspension. When you’re scrambling to regain access to your account, it may seem like you can never get in touch with anyone at Amazon at all –

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Reviews, Reviews & Reviews for Amazon Sellers

Bluebird Marketing

Reviews for Amazon Sellers… WANT REAL REVIEWS FROM REAL PEOPLE? Learn How To Get Organic Reviews for Amazon Sellers: Join CJ Rosenbaum of, as he interviews Carlos Alvarez from Bluebird Marketing Solutions. Wizards of Amazon – Amazon Sellers Group: meet up for strategies. Specializing in all things Amazon and

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Amazon Alexa now spreading its university fellowship program to 14 more schools nationwide

Amazon Alexa

Amazon is increasing its reach with Amazon Alexa and will now be spreading its university fellowship program to 14 more schools nationwide to help connect talented students to the Alexa software in order to further its programming and development. Where Does The Amazon Alexa University Fellowship Program Come From? Back

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Amazon Brand Protection

Amazon Sellers Lawyer

Helping Online Sellers Worldwide Rosenbaum Famularo, PC: Amazon Sellers Lawyer: When a client comes to us for a brand protection issue, our first step is to analyze the issue. We determine whether the seller is victimized by a hijacker or an infringing seller on their listings. Next, we

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Retail Global Las Vegas 2018

Retail Global Las Vegas

Join us for the 4th annual Retail Global Las Vegas Conference and Expo. Retail Global in Las Vegas is going to be the greatest event for Amazon sellers and for all online retailers. If you come to Retail Global Las Vegas this October, listen and meet with CJ Rosenbaum, as

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How to calculate Amazon profits, with all hidden fees

CJ Rosenbaum & Vladi Gordon

Webinar Wednesdays: How to calculate Amazon profit, taking into account all hidden fees. Join CJ Rosenbaum of Amazon Sellers Lawyer, as he interviews Vladi Gordon of AMZCONTROL.COM Experts of their own right, they will discuss how to calculate Amazon profit, taking into account all hidden fees. AMAZON SELLERS NEED TO

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Another change to Prime memberships? Customers and third-party sellers aren’t thrilled.

Amazon Sellers Lawyer

Amazon is making yet another change to their Prime memberships this month, but this change is not something customers and third-party sellers will be thrilled with. The 20 percent discount on video game pre-orders that Amazon Prime users have grown accustomed to will officially end on Aug. 28, according to

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Payoneer Helps Amazon Sellers Expand Globally

Amazon Sellers Lawyer Helps Amazon Sellers This webinar is nectar for online sellers associated with Amazon. In conversation, CJ Rosenbaum and Richard Gilbert, who’s associated with helps sellers expand their services globally. Considered as a premium currency converter platform, it is much cheaper than what others are offering. It

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Inventory Financing & Daily Cash Flow

A short but comprehensive webinar especially dedicated to sellers who are looking for profitable finances.  Inventory Financing & Daily Cash Flow CJ Rosenbaum with Vicky Sullivan from, the organization that boosts your cash flow and gives you more control on your business. The seller gets access to their

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Using Amazon Seller Central Coupons to Increase Product Sales

Amazon Seller Central Marketing

Amazon has made many changes to the Seller Central platform of the past year or so by adding new features for Sellers to take advantage of. One of our favorite additions by far has been the Seller Central Coupons. This feature provides some incredible benefits for Sellers and has become

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Merchandise Protection on Amazon

contact Amazon Sellers Lawyer

CJ Rosenbaum, New York Attorney Helping Online Sellers Worldwide My name is CJ Rosenbaum. I’m the founder of a law firm that focuses on and if you are making money through your merchandise and if you are losing money from other people selling your merchandise, we can help you.

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ASIN Reinstated for Used Electronics Seller

Amazon Seller Success

Another suspended Amazon Seller is back on track after multiple defective product complaints that resulted in an account suspension. An Amazon Seller was accused of delivering multiple defective products to Amazon’s customers. The Amazon Seller sold used products which suffered multiple supplied defective claims…the ODR rate was bad. To get

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Applying for Trademarks in the US – Differences in USA and China Laws

Applying for Trademarks in the US - Differences in US and China Laws

If you are an Amazon seller in China having any intellectual property complaints, call us and we will help get those complaints withdrawn, get your account back and you can go back to selling. In China, the only way you get protection is by filing documents with the government. If

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Guidelines For Outsourcing Amazon Listing Creation & Management

Amazon listing creation & management

As one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world, Amazon is a must for anyone from individual sellers to large-scale sellers. The platform provides an easy opportunity for growth by leveraging consumer trust in Amazon’s platform as a whole, so that retailers selling anything from private label to generic

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All Online Sales are Subject to State Sales Taxes Wherever the Consumer is Located

sales tax laws

The Era of Requiring a Nexus to the State is Over Legal Definitions for Sellers A.    Granting Certiorari – When the Supreme Court agrees to hear a case from lower courts. The United States Supreme Court chooses what cases it will hear and refuses to hear most cases presented to

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Breaking News: Amazon Sellers Suspensions

breaking news

 Thank you for joining me again for Breaking News. My name is CJ Rosenbaum and I am the founding partner of law firm, Rosenbaum Famularo. We have staff all over the world and help sellers develop and protect their private label brands. Every plan of action is conferenced among

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Prime Day 2018 Finds Success Amidst Failure

Amazon ecommerce

2018’s Amazon Prime Day promised customers big deals and third-party sellers big profits – but did it deliver? And at what cost? This year’s installment of Prime Day was Amazon’s largest sales event of all-time. Though the company does not disclose their sales revenue to the public, financial analyst Michael

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Branching out to India, where a high population could lead to major profits.

Amazon India

Amazon is constantly looking to improve its global profile and sales, so naturally the company has been trying to branch out to India, where a high population could lead to major profits. In an effort to expand in India, Amazon plans to add more fulfillment centers while expanding back-end services

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