Selling on Amazon EU: Vital Issues for Sellers

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Vital Issues for UK & EU Sellers with European eCommerce Lawyer Alex Naray, Geneva WEBINAR WEDNESDAYS: Selling on Amazon EU: Vital Issues for Sellers Join CJ Rosenbaum of Amazon Sellers Lawyer, as he interviews Alex Naray, Swiss attorney-at-law and founder of They will discuss challenges and solutions of how to

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Amazon Review Fraud

review fraud

Amazon is once again dealing with issues regarding review fraud among its sellers. What is the new problem and how does this stack up with other similar issues Amazon has had in the past? Review Fraud On Sunday, the Wall Street Journal published a report stating that a set of

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Amazon HQ2 Announcement Forthcoming

By the end of 2018, we will know where Amazon plans to build its second headquarters, a project known as HQ2. What’s the latest on the project development and where do the experts think it’s headed? A Second Headquarters HQ2 has been in the works for a couple of years

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Suspended Amazon Account Reinstated

Reinstatement Success

Suspended Amazon Account Reinstated A seller on the ecommerce site Amazon was suspended due to an alleged misuse of feedback. The seller enlisted a website which automatically messages customers asking for reviews. After reviewing the account, a Plan of Action was written by our New York team. As detailed in

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Amazon Suspension Reinstatement Success

Amazon Sellers Lawyer Reinstatements

Another suspended Amazon seller is back in business after being suspended for a baseless complaint on “Used Sold As New” products. To address this issue, the seller changed the packaging methods after the advice of our law firm’s Plan of Action. Now, more breakable items are stored in a separate

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Suspended Amazon Seller Improves Packaging – Gets Reinstated

Amazon Sellers Lawyer Successes

Amazon seller reinstated: Another Amazon seller suspension update from Rosenbaum Famularo, PC: Suspended Amazon Seller Improves Packaging – Gets Reinstated. Another seller is back to selling on Amazon after customers gave poor reviews due to damaged products allegedly from improper packaging. To help fix this issue, as outlined by the

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Amazon Business marketplace

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Amazon Business, one of the company’s newest marketplaces, is on pace to explode in profits according to Amazon’s newest sales projections. It’s time for you and your business to get involved in this area to help improve your connections and your profits. What is Amazon Business? Amazon Business launched in

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Bernie Sanders calling out Amazon for immoral business practices

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Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos has grown his company from a basement operation to the largest online retail conglomerate of all-time – but at what cost? Recently, Bezos and Co. have been under scrutiny from the public due to paying their low-level employees what has been described as unlivable wages amidst

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Amazon is upping the ante in it’s shipping game

Amazon Mercedes vans

Amazon is upping the ante in the shipping game in order to make package travel faster and safer than ever before. New developments to an earlier announcement by the company show that Amazon is serious about helping a new fleet of Amazon-powered deliverers arrive on the scene. Amazon Shipping Concerns?

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How To Contact Amazon Seller Performance

Amazon Seller Performance

 How do you contact Amazon Seller Performance? A common issue for Amazon sellers – most often in the case of an account suspension. When you’re scrambling to regain access to your account, it may seem like you can never get in touch with anyone at Amazon at all –

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Reviews, Reviews & Reviews for Amazon Sellers

Bluebird Marketing

Reviews for Amazon Sellers… WANT REAL REVIEWS FROM REAL PEOPLE? Learn How To Get Organic Reviews for Amazon Sellers: Join CJ Rosenbaum of, as he interviews Carlos Alvarez from Bluebird Marketing Solutions. Wizards of Amazon – Amazon Sellers Group: meet up for strategies. Specializing in all things Amazon and

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Amazon Alexa now spreading its university fellowship program to 14 more schools nationwide

Amazon Alexa

Amazon is increasing its reach with Amazon Alexa and will now be spreading its university fellowship program to 14 more schools nationwide to help connect talented students to the Alexa software in order to further its programming and development. Where Does The Amazon Alexa University Fellowship Program Come From? Back

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Amazon Brand Protection

Amazon Brand Protection

Helping Online Sellers Worldwide Rosenbaum Famularo, PC: Amazon Sellers Lawyer: When a client comes to us for a brand protection issue, our first step is to analyze the issue. We determine whether the seller is victimized by a hijacker or an infringing seller on their listings. Next, we

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Retail Global Las Vegas 2018

Retail Global Las Vegas

Join us for the 4th annual Retail Global Las Vegas Conference and Expo. Retail Global in Las Vegas is going to be the greatest event for Amazon sellers and for all online retailers. If you come to Retail Global Las Vegas this October, listen and meet with CJ Rosenbaum, as

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How to calculate Amazon profits, with all hidden fees

CJ Rosenbaum & Vladi Gordon

Webinar Wednesdays: How to calculate Amazon profit, taking into account all hidden fees. Join CJ Rosenbaum of Amazon Sellers Lawyer, as he interviews Vladi Gordon of AMZCONTROL.COM Experts of their own right, they will discuss how to calculate Amazon profit, taking into account all hidden fees. AMAZON SELLERS NEED TO

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Another change to Prime memberships? Customers and third-party sellers aren’t thrilled.

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Amazon is making yet another change to their Prime memberships this month, but this change is not something customers and third-party sellers will be thrilled with. The 20 percent discount on video game pre-orders that Amazon Prime users have grown accustomed to will officially end on Aug. 28, according to

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