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Seller Account Monitoring

The best way to protect your seller account status on is through prevention and addressing potential issues before they occur. Our account analysts are veterans when it comes to Amazon, regulations you can’t ignore, and exactly how to handle a suspension. Learn more about our Account Monitoring Services.

seller account monitoring

Analysis and Reports

Amazon Suspensions often happen because of tiny details on your seller dashboard that you may not even notice. Our Account Analysts perform regularly scheduled assessments of your performance metrics and take detailed notes regarding any small issues that may lead to problems with your account. We’ll provide these details in complete account analysis reports for you, including any potential account problems and the proper steps needed to fix them before any further issues come up.



When we notice problems of any kind with your seller account, our analysts will immediately fill you in on the best way to handle them. The steps you need to take to get a suspended account reinstated are extremely complex, intricate and above all, frustrating. The best course of action is to prevent your selling privileges from being compromised in the first place. Whether it’s handling unhappy customers with a full refund, altering item details on your listings, or changing certain words and phrases that may be misconstrued by Amazon’s product quality team, our Account Analysts will help you troubleshoot seller account problems the right way before a suspension happens.


Customer Service

The most important of the Amazon Leadership Principles is Customer Obsession. It sounds a bit scary, but the truth is that when you sell on Amazon, your customers are not truly yours – they are customers of Amazon. Because of this, you need to know and follow every single Amazon regulation inside and out, particularly the idea of “customer obsession.” Our Account Analysts will offer valuable insight on the best ways to keep your customers happy by following this crucial leadership principle that goes beyond customer service – as a seller, customer obsession needs to be at the forefront of your business model all the time.


Consultations with Veteran Sellers

Our Account Analysts are not simply business consultants – the ASL team includes veteran sellers who have experience running both large and small scale businesses on Amazon. Our team also includes sellers who have gone through the gut-wrenching suspension process, from receiving the email to writing appeal after appeal and finally getting reinstated. After this firsthand experience, our account analysts understand your situation and know every detail about how to get reinstated – and more importantly, how to avoid getting suspended. Our team’s guidance is an invaluable resource for any Amazon seller.

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